Our dedicated teams of Salesforce CRM specialists will work with you to identify the areas that need improvement and support.


We vision in delivering CRM, loyalty, ecommerce, trade promotion, private label management, sales analysis and more retail solutions that are now successfully adopted.Now, we continue to implement these best practices to help more retail businesses stay at the industry’s competitive edge.Our dedicated teams of Salesforce CRM specialists will work with you to identify the areas that need improvement and support. We’ll then craft the right technical customer relationship management solution, to ensure that both your suppliers and customers are all well catered for, allowing you to deliver the service and secure the profit you know you can achieve.

Construction And Development

The Salesforce solution on this verticle will give the complete picture of a particular project over the site with the material vendor and subcontractor work status. It will also help us in tracking the expense of the complete project and see the graphical representation of profit-loss with respect to each milestone and overall project.


KrazyTech enables manufacturers by providing technology solutions and consulting services modernizing IT systems, the rapid and effective launching of new products, fast time-to-market strategies.

Real Estate

Our solution of real estate will accelerate the productivity of your sales team and turn the dream of your prospective clients into a reality. Simplify client relationship with automation and retrieve valuable information accurately from the clients and enable the clients with ample time to concentrate – on meaningful activities to increase business revenue.

Information Technology

HighTech players are witnessing massive transformation, attributed to advances in technology that are reimagining business models and opening clients to several new providers each day. Compounded by speeding technology churn, competition in the HighTech industry is only adding up, making continuous innovation a survival strategy. Therefore, systemic modernization, flexible tech-architecture, and upgrading to new business models are the principal need to keep capturing new opportunities. With our customized solutions, we help the HighTech segment to deliver business value, gain a sustainable advantage, and increase operational efficiency.