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How To Get Started With myTrailhead

myTrailhead, Salesforce’s learning platform, has now been with us for two years. In that time, many businesses have seen the benefits of customised, gamified, bite-size learning for their employees, customers, and partners.

What is the best way to get started with myTrailhead? Read on to find out!

Define Your myTrailhead Strategy

It’s easy to just jump in and start writing the content you think your learners need, however, before you do this, focus on your strategy. Your planning will ensure you achieve what you have set out to do. Consider the following:

  • What is your business looking to achieve and what does success look like?

  • Who is the audience and what do they need to learn?

  • Who are your team and what part will each person play?

  • What is your release management strategy?

  • When will you go live?

  • How will you keep your content up to date?

Plan your myTrailhead Content

Yes, I’m afraid there is still more planning before you can get started! You now know who your audience is and, at a high level, what they need to learn. But what does this translate to in myTrailhead terms?

You will likely have different roles in your business with different learning requirements. Create a content outline for what each role needs to know. The best way to get started is to focus on the learning objectives for each area of learning. These will help define your content when you start writing, and your end of unit assessments.

myTrailhead content is structured in Trails and/or Trailmixes, Modules (which gain you a Badge!) and Units. Units are the smallest part – and this is where your content actually sits. You group your units into modules, and your modules into Trails or Trailmixes.

In your content outline, document the learning objectives for each unit and plan how those units map into your modules. There are some best practices – each unit should be between 500-1500 words, remember that we really want content to be bite-sized to ensure our learners can take the learning at their convenience and enable them to do small amounts at a time. Also, try and keep to between 2 and 5 learning objectives per unit – this will help you to keep to the bite-sized theme. We don’t want war and peace in a single unit.

Additionally, you need to keep to what your learners really need to know. It’s tempting to throw everything you have at your learners, but you want to ensure you don’t dilute your key message by including content that isn’t relevant to them.

Writing Great Content for myTrailhead

Yes! Finally, we’re ready to get writing. You have your team in place, which will include your talented content writers, so let’s get the tools in place to write the best content to engage our learners.

Firstly, write your content in a collaborative tool. You could stay with the Salesforce product suite and use Quip Documents, or GoogleDocs are also great for collaboration. You always work outside of the myTrailhead tools to write and finalise your content. Only when it is complete and finalised do you want to move it into Trailmaker, which is where your content is converted into myTrailhead learning.

Secondly, what makes your content great? Take a look at Salesforce’s Trailhead content – it is fun and engaging. It makes learners want more, and that’s how you want to write about your business too. Use analogies, write in a conversational style, tell a story and include the benefits. If I need to learn about creating Accounts, I’d really like to know why Salesforce and Accounts are making my life easier, and rather than just a click path, let’s bring it to life with a real-life scenario. Even better, let’s follow that storyline through the content to really draw our learners into our content and make it memorable.

Don’t forget, content isn’t just about writing. Think about your graphics – your learners will want to earn that badge so create some customised badge art! They’d love to see some short videos or infographics in the content, so add some of that too.

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